Party Girls have a Yogic Awakening

Now Reading: The Gurus’ Guide to Serenity, A Me-Time Menu of Celebrity Stress Reducers by Laurel and Sharon House. On pages 64 and 65 I read a story that resonated so much with my own, I felt compelled to share it. While reading about Anna Getty’s path I felt relieved that I wasn’t alone in this kind of transition, from Party Girl to Prana Guide. I used to feel ashamed of my partying past, now I have learned to forgive myself, be present and accept the past as a piece of my path. I had to take that route to end up on the yogic journey I am now on, and I am thankful. Below you can read about a Hollywood Party Girls Yogic Awakening and view a few pictures of a Detroit Party Girls Pre-Yoga Past.

Anna Getty’s Yogic Awakening

One might think that growing up a Getty, Anna Getty was virtually born with a silver spoon in her mouth, one that, like many elite offspring, she carried into her adult life. Yes, for a while she frequented the hottest Hollywood galas, and get-togethers, socialized with other elite offspring and caused a ruckus all over town. In her word, she was, “an insane mess, filled with fear.”

But Anna had always been a seeker and a traveler, a trait passed down from her mom, and she quickly discovered yoga. Anna’s practice began much like many others; in fact, much like my own. She drove by the famed Golden Bridge Kundalini Yoga Center in Los Angeles, owned by celebrity yoga guru Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, picked up a schedule, and promised herself that one day she would make it in there. Well, days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and still she hadn’t mustered the courage to enter this unknown territory of Zen-like Angelenos toting yoga mats. Finally, she took a class, and the flood of emotions that were released manifested themselves as tears. Anna knew her life was about to change. For a while, she tried to uphold her party girl lifestyle, showing up to class after only a few hours of sleep and still brandishing glitter around from her eyes the night before. The nightly partying and drinking had left her body in a state of shock, but the yoga was helping rid the toxins and change her behavior patterns as her body was awakening and regenerating. She felt as though it was time to make a choice: continue on this new path or go back to the Hollywood scene. She chose yoga.
Soon, Anna was traveling with Gurmukh. Her life was changing before her eyes. She found that she was becoming more forgiving, patient, and flexible in both her body and her life. The next step was to take the teacher training class in order to share her new love of yoga by teaching others. Now she and her husband have a meditation room in their home, a room for spiritual and emotional growth, for healing and expression, or for simply sitting still.

Below are a few of My Pre-Yoga Pictures….before deciding as Anna did to “make a choice” continue on this new path (of yoga) or back to the Detroit Party Scene…

Though I was in Detroit, I felt like my friends & I were partying in Hollywood. For our 21st Birthday we rented the hottest club in the city, at the time, Club Icon. Celebrities, including, Busta Rhymes came to celebrate with us. The clubbed was packed to capacity and ended up running out of champagne. I remember drinking Moet & Chandon, dancing on the couches and posing for pictures all night.

Beyond this night, I spent many more doing the exact same thing. I partied with celebrities in the most popular venues in Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York. Over time, as my yoga practice developed the the 6-inch heels, shots of Patron’ and late nights began to hurt the following day. As I became more in touch and in tune with body, I began to make decisions that made my body feel better instead of worse. Eventually, I too, choose yoga.

-Love & Light,