Yoga after the Flow.


Yoga doesn’t stop even when you stop moving.

Yoga is one of those practices that is utilized in your everyday life rather it’s inside the classroom, inside your car, at your desk, at work or on vacation in the Bahamas….yoga keeps reminding you to breathe and dig deeper.

If you think that your practice stops when you roll up your mat you may want to sit there a little longer and ask yourself..

“How can I take my practice off the mat, into my everyday life?”

You may discover that you already do, even small gestures like grabbing the door for the old lady who is struggling to keep her balance is a yoga move.

We get caught up in the physical part of our practice that we lose sight of the whole point. The whole point of yoga is to detach, to breath, to go inside and work shit out and the physical part comes last.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing asanas so don’t think this post is about not flowing…it’s more about digging deeper into the real meaning behind this “yoga” thing and dropping the “I do yoga five times a week at Be Awesome,” attitude.

Most people that take my classes are looking for more than the physical, they’re looking for something that can help them heal in the area they need. It’s pretty amazing to hear the stories of people who step on the mat, you’d be surprised how many of those perfect looking yogi’s are dealing with internal issues (like most of us.)

That’s why we are here though….to clean out that dirty hose, to peel back the layers we have stacked on ourselves and to submerge ourselves into something that will change our lives forever.

So next time you’re on your mat…ask yourself how am I incorporating this wonderful tool into my life.