When an Empath is in balance, the power is endless!!

When an Empath is in balance, the power is endless!!
Does this sound like you? Or someone you know?

Have you ever been told you need to toughen up?

People tell you that you are too sensitive?

You feel sad for no apparent reason and you search for a reason? “I feel sad. I didn’t realize I was sad. I wonder why I’m so sad? Maybe it’s because of________. Yes, that must be it. Wow I’m really sad.”

You have to take time alone away to know what you really want. If you are continually around others you find that you lose focus.

You can become obsessed with someone quickly if there is a physical bond.

People come to you with their issues or tell you things, they’ve never told others or are uncomfortable telling others?

You ‘just know’ things but don’t understand why

Crowds tend to be overwhelming and draining unless the group is highly energized (like a concert)

These are just a few common experiences of Empaths. I attended a class about how to thrive as an Empath at the Florida School of Holistic Living a few weeks ago. At the beginning of the class I didn’t know what an Empath was. As we went through the content, things started to click for me. Memories of crying all the time as a child/adult. Feeling responsible for the feelings of those around me. Having strong physical reactions to people, situations or places. Becoming numb when I experienced emotional/sensory overload. Writing countless blogs about my emotions and how to control/cope with them…so this new realization of what is called an empath is so refreshing to know. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME?!! I always knew it but to have a name for it….. brought me a sigh of relief. So, now that I knowI am an Empath. What’s next?!

Some points to remember now if you are an empath or maybe someone you’d like to understand more:

Energy is real & can be felt with your physical senses
Emotions & Physical senses are energy that can move from one person to another
Most of what an Empath ‘knows’ cannot be verified immediately, crating conflicts within them. Usually gets proven over time, but that causes even greater distress because the empath feels as if they cannot trust themselves
Empaths are great at reading body language, tone, body movement, words people choose or avoid, logic, listening to breath patterns and picking up on energy.
Strong tendency towards self-reflection and taking responsibility for negative feelings.
It’s important not to use “I’m an Empath” as a cop-out for not facing your real feelings and emotions! You must learn to discern what is yours& what you have absorbed.
Being an Empath is incredibly powerful if you train to use these gift.

So many interactions cause an Empath to take on the energy of their surroundings or other people. So having tools to manage this energy are very important. I personally use yoga and meditation as my main tool. I’m always looking for other tools to use for myself and to help other people.

Tools for Empaths

Deflect What Doesn’t Belong- “interesting feeling. I acknowledge that I just picked up emotions from ______. I can now have great compassion for______. But their feelings are theirs.”
Sleep- in a state of exhaustion you are more vulnerable.
Quiet Time
Small daily- 30 minutes
Large Weekly- 2 hours
Huge regularly (every few months, yearly) 1-5 days
Breath work
Time in Nature
Yoga/Qi Gong/Tai Chi
Massage/Acupuncture/Reiki/Energy Healing
Metta Practice (first for yourself, then for another, then for all)
May I be free of worry
may I be well
May I feel safe & at ease
May I be at Peace


Develop your energy management plan!
Overwhelming Situation Emergency Plan
Everyday Action Plan
Big Events Action Plan
Renewal Plan (Private Time & Sacred Space)

What drains you? What recharges you? Make a circle chart or list and identify different aspects of your life that do both and…… Create a plan to give back to yourself just as much that’s being taken.

For example- Work drains you 8, Meditation recharges you 10….you need to make a plan to do both to help keep yourself in balance, use your tools to create a sustainable plan that is best for YOU!.

There are a lot of other blogs about Empaths, all offering great tools and suggestions.

Take care lovely Empath!

Peace, love and happiness!
~ Ruby

Empaths have the ability to help people and recognize who needs help.
They have sense of knowing and as they develop it will be better able to use this intuition.
They have a strong ability to connect with people and read subtle energy.
Empaths really are bleeding hearts that need to take care and time to care for themselves to thrive.

When an Empath is in balance, the power is endless!!