Stress Less in 2020!

Make space to de-stress and feel good this year with yoga!  If you’ve been coming to Palmer Park on Saturdays, try adding another community class to your schedule this year. If you haven’t come to class in a while, no worries! You’re always welcomed back to the mat. I’m writing to you on the first day of the year, to encourage you to meet your 2020 yoga goals by letting you know:

Recent research indicates that those who practice yoga regularly reap measureable physical and mental rewards! 


Exercise, especially yoga improves energy while decreasing stress and amplifying mental focus. “Easy movement, like walking or low-key yoga, before bedtime nudges the parasympathetic nervous system into gear, diffusing stress and helping to calm you down,” says Tom Nikkola, CSCS, CISSN, director of nutrition and weight management for Lifetime Fitness. Even just one day of stretching and breathing mindfully, reportedly leads to you sleeping better at night and therefore, feeling less stressed and more energetic during the day.

Yoga is a powerful tool for stress management according to Dr. Dean Ornish, author of Program for Reversing Heart Disease. In his heart health research Ornish found that the physical benefits of yoga over time-maintaining flexibility, lowering blood pressure, easing chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis, and potentially helping to prevent major health crises like heart disease and strokes- are matched by an equal number of benefits that are less tangible. The MD also found that yoga sharpens the mind, helps cultivate acceptance, hones discipline, and fortifies a sense of self. In 2020, don’t allow stress zap your vitality, take one of our NEW FREE YOGA classes! Stay strong in mind and body by regularly revitalizing in a Yoganic Flow community class.


Peace + Love,