Pay Yoga Forward

Since 2012, Yoganic Flow has provided free yoga and meditation classes all over Detroit. These classes are offered to everyone in the city, particularly those who find yoga classes (typically $10­ to 25 per class) to be financially out of their reach. Our classes are free so ALL Detroiters have access to yoga and are able to take a proactive approach towards their health care. And those that can pay for yoga, have the opportunity to Pay Yoga Forward!

With your contribution we can offer Detroiters like Genna tools to cope with physical and mental stressors that often directly and indirectly affect ones’ contribution to their community. Studies have found financial problems top the list of causes, escalating health risk. Ease the burden for your friend, family member, neighbor or stranger by Paying Yoga Forward to make our community a happier and healthier place.



Sponsors a yoga class for a Detroiter that simply cannot afford yoga on a regular basis. We believe yoga is not a self-help exercise for the privileged. With your donation we can pay an experienced, knowledgable and compassionate certified yoga instructor to offer a high-quality 60-minute class in the inner city.



Sponsors 10 adult memberships to the Detroit Recreation Department locations where our community yoga classes are offered. Some of our students have no problem covering the annual membership fee. However, many of our students are economically limited and your considerate contribution will allow them to practice yoga and become healthier in mind and body. Your donation helps make yoga available to EVERYONE.



Donate any amount to allow us to continue to make yoga accessible for ALL Detroiters and help us meet our mission: to address the mental and physical needs of the urban community through yoga and meditation.

Special thanks to our community partners for paying yoga forward

Community Partners