Negative Emotions and Flower Essence

I’ve been really stressed out at work lately.  It’s starting to spill over into my personal life. Ugh!  Life is such a cycle of eb’s and flows.  I strive to be the best I can but the little things get lost in the process.  I don’t practice yoga like I should, I don’t meditate which are the key things that I MUST be doing but in the process of doing everything it’s like I let the stress swell over me.  It’s a learning process.  I did read this article lately that inspired me to once again embrace my emotions positive and negative.

How to Turn Negative Emotions Into Your Greatest Advantage.

I also started taking a class called Flower Essence where I’ve been learning about different flowers that help with emotional state.  If anyone of you read my blog you know that I’m always expressing my challenge with them.  The first essence in the series is

5 Flower Remedy—I’ve been using it and it has been helping.

Here is some more information to get you started, I look forward to sharing more.  My second class is tonight.

5 Flower Formula

Peace, Love and Happiness,
~ Ruby