Mind & Body

This really resonated with me today as my yoga practice wains by the day.  I’m averaging one practice a week with little to no meditation.  I’m not sure what the block is.  I’ve been hella busy but come on Ruby!!  Sometimes I think we create these blocks in our mind that results in us hurting our bodies.  Here is to some stretches throughout the day to compensate for the lack of yoga in my life.  I pledge to find a quiet spot throughout the day and take time for my mind and body to get reacquainted.

Here is to a rejoining of my mind and body.

Oh well update on the flower essence– the week of my personalized blend went well.  I did feel a difference when I was taking them.  I have a potentially stressful meeting today at 9 so I will be making sure I take some Rescue Remedy before hand.

Hope your week is going great and be good to yourself!

Peace, love and happiness,