Healing Through Mindfulness

A change in life style, a change in routine, and a miss guided twist or turn and throw everything off.  I have been experiencing muscle tension that has been moving the vertebrae in my back.  It has also been affecting my digestion.  The portion of my back that has been affected controls digestion.  It is all connected. Nothing is separate and nothing is isolated.  The worried mind tenses the muscles.  Yoga releases tension allowing the mind to be calm.  Life will continue to throw wrenches in the spokes and you will need to repair and fix things time and time again.  Acceptance of the ever changing nature of life and our bodies is inevitable.  Our physical pain is meant to teach us life lessons.  I continue to learn mine.  This week things are good.  I’m mindful and take time and care and listen to my body.   I sought the expertise of a deep tissue massage therapist and he helped bring my body into balance, getting down to that fascia that was impeding my movement.  I mindfully went to the chiropractor and allowed the adjustment to bend me back into alignment.  I practiced yoga a little each day allowing the work of practiced hands to settle in.  Another lesson was that sometimes you can’t do it all on your own, you need the help of others, even paid professionals.  They are professionals for a reason- let them do their magic!

Lessons I am reminded- set backs will happen, don’t anticipate but be mindful of the care and attention needed to heal and repair

Getting help from others can be necessary; you may need to find the right recourses to help move things along.

Continue on day by day,

Peace love and light,