Benefits of Yoga for Seniors in The SEEN Magazine

Yoga is an excellent way for seniors to boost their health and quality of life. Find out the benefits and follow these tips to try downward dog — whether you’re 60 or 90.

By Kerrie Trahan

Photos courtesy Yoganic Flow

Senior yoga is a restorative yoga class designed especially for people over 60 to keep their minds and bodies strong.

Decline in memory, balance and energy can all come with aging. To aid seniors in countering these challenges, yoga classes can teach seniors to bend, breathe and relax with pranayama (deep breathing exercises) and asanas (yoga postures). A class can provide seniors with a low-impact cardiovascular workout without putting too much strain on the heart or joints.

It’s important for older adults to stay active and incorporate strength trainingclasses like yoga. The weight bearing postures, like side planks as practiced in yoga, build strength while reducing seniors’ risk of osteoporosis and of falling.

Some benefits for seniors include:

  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve flexibility and joint health
  • Improve lung capacity and respiration
  • Increases muscle tone and bone density
  • Regular practice can reduce high blood pressure

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