Be Thankful!

I think the best thing to remember about this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is to be grateful.  We live in such a privileged society that is always telling us we need more.  Bigger car, more money, better job…newest phone…. In reality often times we have more than enough.   Take time to notice the things that you are grateful for.
Some of the things I’m grateful for are
*My loving life partner Isaac- I wished and prayed and hoped and meditated to meet him and I am grateful for the days we get to spend together.  Through everything having him in my life is amazing.
*Meaningful work-  Yes although my job gets to me at times, I know that I am making a difference in people’s lives every day.
*Freedom-  I have the freedom move freely with my mind, body and spirit.

These things are not the case in many countries.  I’m not trying to be like “oh think about all the starving kids in Africa”  but that can help put things into perspective.  When your car isn’t the newest or the best remember- you have a car.  When you don’t want to get out of bed to go to work remember- you have legs and the health to get out of bed- do it!  When you get upset  by those little things remember- its probably not really all that bad.  You probably have a pretty good life that someone else would be grateful for.

Be Thankful!