A Student’s Story

I had just arrived in the Florida airport. It was a connecting stop on my way from Detroit to Mexico City to visit my boyfriend and his family. There was a woman who got off the same Detroit flight as me. I could tell she didn’t speak much English because she seemed somewhat lost, and on top of that, she was carrying TWO babies by herself. She had two beautiful twin girls, one slung across her chest, and the other in a baby carrier at her side. Since I spoke Spanish, I went up to her and offered to help her find the correct terminal. Turns out she was going to Mexico City too!

As we started walking in the right direction, I realized that the babies were really heavy for her to carry alone, so I offered to help her with the baby carrier. Needless to say, even with two of us it was quite a struggle; especially since our gate was on the other side of the airport. We eventually arrived to the gate after toting the infants for about 45 minutes. While we waited for our flight, I played with the girls. They were so sweet, both which such different personalities. We finally boarded our flight together and then later arrived in Mexico City. The woman was so grateful for my help, and I really enjoying meeting and the twins; but when we parted ways in Mexico, I didn’t think I would ever see her again. Five months later…. I run into a woman at the end of my Yoganic Flow class. She says she knows me from somewhere. She looks familiar, but I cannot remember where I know her from. She is the first to figure it out, and reminds me that I helped her at the airport with her two twins. We share a huge smile and hug, surprised that fate has brought us together again :).

-Tera Warn

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