92-Year Old Highland Park Yogi Shares Light & Love

92 year, Arthur Fowler joined our yoga class last night at New Grace Missionary Baptist Church and it was a Great honor! Mr. Fowler is a local yoga legend. He taught yoga and meditation in Detroit before its rising popularity until 1995. Before and after the class I was able to talk to him about his current practice and past profession. Mr. Fowler still meditates and stretches every day! He said the only reason he doesn’t teach now is because, “I need my rest.” Mr. Fowler also speaks very softly and wears a hearing aid. Outside of those conditions his daughter Ms. Marybell told me, “he is in great health!” Mr. Fowler clearly is strong in mind and body, and it was truly inspirational to witness.


Members of New Grace Missionary Baptist Church Trying Yoga for the 1st Time

9 of the 12 participants tried yoga for the 1st time last night thanks to Crystal Davis. After meeting Ms. Davis after a private group yoga session for the WIN Network: Staff Retreat Ms. Davis and I discussed the need to introduce more Detroiters to yoga: a peaceful mind and body exercise. So, when the Pastor at New Grace Missionary Baptist Church gave the 75th church anniversary the theme: “The Year of Cooperation”, Ms. Davis contacted Yoganic Flow. Davis made the connection between being peaceful and working together. Mr. Fowler also acknowledged the relationship between knowing peace and knowing how to cooperate. Mr. Fowler said, “People have to start looking within for peace. When people are peaceful they can create peace not only for themselves but all around them” and therefore come together.


Light and Love at New Grace Missionary Baptist Church

One of my yoga teachers, Tommy Mack once said, “the healthier your spine is, the longer your life will be”. I shared that with the students at New Grace Missionary Baptist Church and pointed to our example of a yogi with a healthy spine and a long life: Arthur Fowler. Grateful to meet Mr. Fowler yesterday, a native Detroiter that has selflessly taught peace, love and yoga in the Detroit community for 5 decades.

Arthur Fowler's 1st selfie

Arthur Fowler’s 1st selfie